Laerdal Million Lives Fund

Laerdal’s impact goal of helping save 1 million lives annually by 2030.

Venture Capital
  • Program Type
    Venture Capital
  • Avg Funding Amount
  • Investment Stage
    Commercial-Ready Products & Solutions
  • Portfolio Size
    3 Companies
  • Investment Location
    Stavanger, Norway & San Francisco, CA
  • Industry Focus
    Neonatal & Maternal Health; Front Line & Emergency Care; Medical Education, Training, & Quality


At Laerdal, we have an ambitious goal of helping to save one million lives annually by 2030. The key word is “helping.” We help, partner with and invest in entrepreneurs and teams who create educational and therapeutic solutions and services to train and equip those individuals on the front-lines of healthcare – from lay people, ambulance dispatchers, and community first responders to healthcare workers in ambulances, clinics and hospitals.

Each of our portfolio companies play a vital role in providing better coverage, quality, safety and equity of healthcare across the globe. We are extremely proud to play a role in supporting our portfolio companies on their global journeys to transform healthcare and save lives.

Laerdal One Million Lives

A shared goal for 2030 Laerdal’s ambition is to help save 1 million more lives. Every year. By 2030.  This website is a testament to Laerdal’s vision and history, and to its valued partners. Its strategy is guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goal number 3, “Good health and well-being”, with emphasis on: - Improving survival in the community - Quality care in hospital - Saving lives at birth in low-resource settings

Investment Overview

Investment Overview

Investment Sectors

The Laerdal Million Lives Fund was created to pursue direct investments in innovative, enabling technologies and companies that can accelerate Laerdal’s global impact goal of saving over one million lives annually by 2030. To achieve this goal, we are focused on supporting entrepreneurs who are meaningfully improving the coverage, quality and efficiency, safety and equity of healthcare through (i) early interventions with high life-saving potential and lower costs to society, (ii) leveraging enabling technologies to improve the translation of better learning and education tools to alter patient outcomes, and (iii) creating collaborative initiatives that can provide for scale-up of implementation in geographies where impact is most needed. We are targeting global impact across key clinical segments where mortality rates can be drastically improved.

Investment Stage

We invest in companies with commercial-ready products and solutions capable of deploying and scaling impact via sustainable, stand-alone business models. We target initial investments of $1 – $5 million, with funds reserved for follow-on support.

Investment Reach

Based in Stavanger and San Francisco, we invest in companies across all geographies. Regardless of where our portfolio companies are headquartered, we target companies taking a globally scalable approach to ensuring their technologies can access providers and patients in the greatest need.

Future Phases

Check out an overview of each competition phase below - complete rules for each phase will be released as the competition progresses.

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