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Venture Capital
  • Program Type
    Venture Capital
  • Avg Funding Amount
  • Investment Stage
  • Portfolio Size
    14 Companies, 80 Ventures
  • Investment Location
    Los Angeles, Austin
  • Industry Focus
    Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Finance, Gaming, Marketplace, SaaS, Transportation

Moonshots Capital is a seed-stage venture capital firm that invests in extraordinary leadership.

Great leaders are hard to come by. We believe the best ones are military-trained or trial-by-fire entrepreneurs who have the ability to motivate others to action, inspire trust, and plan heuristically. We invest with conviction when those attributes are present.Moonshots Capital, with offices in Los Angeles and Austin, was founded by a team of veterans in 2017. We have collectively founded and operated 14 companies, and have personally invested in over 80 ventures. Beyond capital, we deploy our military and entrepreneurial experience and network to help world-changing companies grow.

Startup Investors: An Introduction to Moonshots Capital, With Kelly Perdew of Moonshots Capital

Investment Overview

We invest at the seed stage, identifying smart and scrappy entrepreneurs who are adapting to changing markets.

What We Look For

We invest in technology startups during their seed stage – typically their first or second round of funding. It is the earliest and riskiest point to invest in startups but also the most lucrative for those that go on to become big successes. Kelly and Craig have to be excited about the entrepreneur and business.

Our Business Selection Criteria

  • Our goal is to identify disruptive startups that can achieve a 10x plus valuation and return a high ROI for our investors.
  • Product (or MVP) is live with client/customer traction.
  • Annual recurring revenue (ARR) of $1M+.
  • Already raised at least $500K (more is better) in seed capital.
  • Follow-on investment allowed.
  • Fundable team. 2nd time entrepreneur(s) better.
  • Applicability of our network (the more applicable the better).
  • Chemistry with (and abilities of) Founder(s) to listen.
  • We aggressively invest in companies that are military veteran founded or have veterans on the founding team.
  • We like to take an active role in the company either by means of a board seat or formal advisory role. We roll up our sleeves!
  • Veteran Focused

    We aggressively invest in companies that are military veteran founded or run. As West Point graduates and veterans, we know this group well and have had very good success investing in them to date.


    Our General Partners have operated start-up companies as founders and members of the senior management team and have participated in twelve exits between them.


    We invest in exceptional founders who are building amazing companies


    We don’t just finance companies; we help founders build companies


    We help entrepreneurs invent new industries and disrupt existing ones

    Future Phases

    Check out an overview of each competition phase below - complete rules for each phase will be released as the competition progresses.

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