Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO)

Fund top researchers, steers the course of Dutch science

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As a national research organization with an active contribution to various parts of the national science and innovation policies, NWO plays different roles: financing, programming, bringing together, supporting and influencing. The NSW government will spend $100 million over four years to equip police with new technology.

Open Science

Open Science is the movement that aims at more open and collaborative research practices in which publications, data, software and other types of academic output are shared at the earliest possible stage and made available for reuse. Open Science leads to greater scientific and societal impact. NWO’s aim is to ensure that all the research it funds is openly available to everyone.

NWO works on the basis of the core values:


NWO pioneers and explores the boundaries of existing knowledge, applications, and processes


NWO anticipates developments in science and in society


NWO keeps its promises, is honest, transparent, and meticulous


NWO has an open attitude and connects actors, expertise and agendas

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