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National Security Innovation Capital (NSIC) is a new DoD initiative that enables dual-use hardware startups to advance key milestones in their product development by addressing the shortfall of private investment from trusted sources. We award Other Transaction (OT) agreements to accelerate your productization efforts.

We focus our funding on critical technologies.

NSIC is focused on next-generation hardware technologies for application to connected mobile and edge systems that support distributed operations in land, sea, air, and space domains.


AI-enabled autonomous and counter-autonomous systems, subsystems, and components that enhance or eliminate human control or interaction, improve situational awareness in multi-domain environments, and enable efficient and scalable deployment


5/6G cellular, satellite, optical, and quantum communications hardware relevant to future system architectures and standards; includes antennas, transmitters/receivers, filters, amplifiers, processors, and related components


Novel energy storage chemistries beyond lithium-ion; energy sources and conversion devices that enhance range, safety, or capability of vehicles or facilities; systems that make energy distribution efficient or ubiquitous


Sensing devices that measure phenomena such as time, speed, position, temperature, magnetism, gravity, flow, and multi-spectral emissions; utilizing various technologies including quantum-based effects, and compatible with miniaturized, data fusion, and IoT architectures


Systems, subsystems, and components for structures, environmental control, power, guidance, navigation and control, propulsion, servicing, and mission payloads; for use in low Earth orbit, geosynchronous orbit, cislunar and outer space; on platforms including rockets, satellites, and deep-space vehicles

Future Phases

Check out an overview of each competition phase below - complete rules for each phase will be released as the competition progresses.


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