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Remote ID for Drones

Pierce Aerospace, a Techstars backed company, is a Remote ID service provider focused on practical and robust integration of Remote ID services into the uncrewed systems ecosystem. As an industry leader, Pierce Aerospace serves on the Unmanned Aircraft Safety Team, ASTM F38 UAS Remote ID Committee, and the FAA’s Remote ID Cohort. Funds from the US Air Force and the State of Indiana support Pierce Aerospace’s developments in Remote ID, which were nominated as Indiana’s Innovation of the Year by Techpoint and awarded first place in Remote ID technology at AUVSI’s Xcellence Awards. Pierce Aerospace is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, The Racing Capital of the World. Visit www.pierceaerospace.net.

UAS Remote ID Air Data Networks and Beacon Adaptations for Expanding First Responders Access to Commercial UAS Sensors

Open Source Networks of Airborne Sensors for Public Safety

Pierce Aerospace proposes a concept to rapidly deploy commercially available high quality sensors to an incident commander through a pre-approved identification and tracking mechanism (Remote ID) actively in development for the commercial and civil identification and tracking of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). In the near future numerous commercial UAS with high quality sensors will be operational over airspace all across the nation. These sensors provide tremendous opportunities for utilization of first responders, but those UAS and their operators must first pass through an approval process to be granted access to airspace overhead of an emergency.

Increases numbers of airborne sensors

Pierce Aerospace's Flight Portal ID (FPID) Remote ID and Tracking system can be utilized as a key to GIS-based Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) systems. These keys can allow approved commercial UAS to come on scene to support public safety with an array of high powered sensors.

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