Research and Documentation Centre (WODC)

Independent scientific research for policy and implementation purposes

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An international knowledge center on security, criminal, civil, and administrative justice and migration issues. “Excellence” and “customer orientation” are the organization’s guiding principles. Its major output is knowledge for the benefit of policy development.

WODC creates a body of knowledge in the field of Justice and Security.

WODC's knowledge is available to everyone.

In practice, the reports are mainly used by the staff of the Ministry of Justice and Security and its implementing agencies, but politicians, scientists, journalists, and members of the public can also use the information contained in the research.

WODC's reports ensures that policymakers can make better decisions

Elected representatives and media can better verify the policy that is being implemented, that members of the public can make informed choices when exercising their democratic rights and that the research community can benefit from the WODC's insights.

WODC contributes to a strong constitutional state.

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