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Research Center for Fire Safety Science is currently promoting the formation of research and education center and produced two major outcomes, one is the development of “theory” pertaining to performance-based fire safety design, and the other is the development in “practice” through experimental research utilizing the full-scale experimental facilities.

Advanced Fire Safety Science and Technology - Professor Ken Matsuyama, Ph.D.

A Burning Passion for Fire Safety Science

Fire and fire safety are issues that only jump onto the radar for most people at times of crisis. In contrast, these are topics that are never far from the mind of Professor Ken Matsuyama.

Matsuyama is a professor at the Graduate School of Global Fire Science and Technology at TUS, which boasts a curriculum and facilities in a league all their own when it comes to fire science research.

"Within Japan, only at TUS can you experience this caliber of fire science. Only a few domestic institutions have facilities of similar scope and size for full-scale fire experiments," explains Matsuyama, a TUS graduate.

Matsuyama himself studied architecture at TUS and was captivated by fire science research at the university, which prompted him to pursue the area and ultimately become a professor at TUS. In short, he says, TUS boasts expertise that can only be found at a handful of locations worldwide and is unrivaled in Japan.

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