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RISTEX conducts R&D programs with the aim to produce and promote innovative solutions to the issues that human society confronts. Such issues include the effects of global warming, aging populations, declining birth rates, and improvement of safety and security.

Workshop for a Future Earth Japan Strategic Research Agenda

What kind of research should Japan undertake in the future for a sustainable global society?

Toward the formulation of the “Japan Strategic Research Agenda (JSRA)”, the project started from collecting research topics from companies, governments, citizens, and researchers through interviews and questionnaires. Then in January 2016, 40 participants from governments, industry, NPOs, and academia joined a two-day workshop to examine 645 candidate research topics collected and extracted in advance. The workshop identified 10 priority research themes and 110 research topics for Japan towards a sustainable future.

The project was conducted by the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature in collaboration with the Future Earth Asia Center and funded by the Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST RISTEX).

R&D Emphasized by RISTEX

1. R&D aimed at solving specific social issues.

2. Transdisciplinary R&D that deals with problems that cannot be sufficiently addressed by conventional individual fields and areas, which seeks to change the way things are by employing scientific knowledge extending across humanities and social sciences (HSS) and natural sciences to develop methodologies and implement actual grand level activities.

3. R&D is based on collaboration not just among researchers but also with stakeholders from various backgrounds who are knowledgeable about on-site circumstances and/or problems, to carry out social experiments at the actual sites. By strictly following the PDCA cycle,* it seeks to create novel outputs that are useful in resolving social issues.

4. R&D that maintains a firm and conscious commitment to return to society practical outputs, and to enable actual applications (implementation).

Future Phases

Check out an overview of each competition phase below - complete rules for each phase will be released as the competition progresses.


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