Smart Industry Initiative

Dutch program for digitizing the industry

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The Smart Industry initiative aims to strengthen Dutch industries by promoting the use of cutting-edge IT and technology, like 3D printing, nanotechnology, and robots

Smart Industry Fieldlabs

Field labs are practical environments where businesses and knowledge institutions develop, test, and implement Smart Industry solutions in a targeted way. In addition, they allow people to learn how to apply these solutions. Fieldlabs also strengthen the links to research, education, and policy in relation to a specific Smart Industry theme and transfer knowledge to other businesses. As of the start of 2018, 32 Fieldlabs are up and running, with a regional, national or international focus.

Acceleration projects to drive the process forward

1. Smart Industry Assessment Program

Helping businesses get started in the area of the Smart Industry.

2. Smart Industry Expertise Centre

One-stop-shop for businesses. Focus on speeding up developments across the wider industrial SME sector and supporting implementation in achievable steps.

3. Smart Industry Hubs

Creation of a network of regional Smart Industry Hubs.

4. National Smart Industry Roadmap

The combined NWA/HTSM/ICT Smart Industry Roadmap describes the intended development of Smart Industry knowledge.

5. Linking SkillsLabs to Fieldlabs

Helping every Fieldlab also become a SkillsLab.

6. Human-oriented Technology Programme

This program is developing best practices in this area as a source of inspiration and a guide for developers and users of human-oriented technology.

7. Cybersecurity Program

Making manufacturing firms digitally resilient by setting up a Smart Industry Digital Trust Centre.

8. Data-sharing Program

Establishment of a Data Value Centre and Data-sharing Coalition.

9. International Smart Industry projects

Organization of concrete collaborative projects between businesses and knowledge institutions in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium

Future Phases

Check out an overview of each competition phase below - complete rules for each phase will be released as the competition progresses.


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