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A public foundation under the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. FECYT was founded in 2001 with the aim of promoting scientific research of excellence as well as the development and technological innovation necessary to increase the competitiveness of Spanish industry and improve the quality of life of citizens, encouraging collaboration between agents involved in R & D and the dissemination and communication of research and innovation results.

FECYT focuses its activity around eight strategic goals in order to achieve two key results:

  • To increase the public value of science and innovation through the dissemination and communication of, and participation in, science.
  • To promote open science, as support for, and in line with, the guidelines of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.
  • The strategic goals are:

      Strategic Goal 1. To promote participation in science and place it at the centre of public debate.
      Strategic Goal 2. To increase scientific education and culture.
      Strategic Goal 3. To promote open and global science and innovation.
      Strategic Goal 4. To consolidate access to scientific knowledge.
      Strategic Goal 5. To place people at the heart of FECYT's strategy.
      Strategic Goal 6. The operational management of FECYT's activity and digital transformation.
      Strategic Goal 7. To promote sustainability

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