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    Venture Capital
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  • Investment Stage
    Series A, A-II, B, C, Seed
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    43 Companies, 1052 Jobs
  • Industry Focus
    Data Infrastructure, Digital Health, Engineering, Gov/Legal Tech, HR/Workforce, IT, Marketing, Robotics as a Sevice, Sales, Security, Vertical SaaS

We are an early stage B2B focused venture firm that specializes in building enterprise leaders.

Secrets to a successful investor presentation (based on 20 years of experience!)

Your business might be in great shape, but still, you might be having a hard time delivering your story and convincing potential investors to join you on your journey. What are the components of the successful presentation? How to tell your story? How to keep people's attention? In the new episode of the #AskaVC channel, I am sharing the best practices I've learned after 20 years of investing in tech startups.

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Survival to Thrival defines the missing link for B2B growth: GTM Fit

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