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software will liberate us from the tyranny of inefficiency

Venture Capital
  • Program Type
    Venture Capital
  • Avg Funding Amount
  • Investment Stage
    Early Stage Venture, Seed
  • Portfolio Size
    49 Companies, 2,049 Jobs
  • Investment Location
    San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US
  • Industry Focus
    Finance, Financial Services

Give founders the tools we wished we had, when we were in their shoes.

As former founders and operators we needed help in four key areas: capital, revenue, talent, and product. Now as investors, we relentlessly hustle to deliver value in these four areas. We give our time liberally, listen intently, and take action immediately.

Seize advantage in a downturn.

The Covid-19 outbreak is unlike any previous crisis: traditional crisis-response approaches will not be sufficient. CEOs need to act now, and act aggressively. In this episode of Master Minds, Sharon Matthews discusses how companies can be more resilient in the face of an impending economic downturn.

Investment Overview

Sway the future

A culture of innovation.

Learn from the best. Anytime. Anywhere.

Value Add
Capital, revenue and talent. Our work happens behind the scenes.

Partnering with non-profits for social impact.

Limited edition merch that is always fresh and never sorry.

Our favorite music curated each month.

Making our SF and La Jolla offices work for founders and friends.

Future Phases

Check out an overview of each competition phase below - complete rules for each phase will be released as the competition progresses.

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