Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative (SWII)

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The ninth bilateral call is open to all topics of the Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative (SWII), but focuses on Digitalization.

Innovative Manufacturing Networking Conference by the Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative

Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative (SWII, is a joint bilateral initiative with the overall objective to increase market oriented high-technology R&D projects between Switzerland and Sweden.

Innovative Manufacturing Networking Conference (IMNC) match the most R&D intensive Swiss and Swedish MNE, SME and academia partners, this time within manufacturing, with the aim to launch more common market oriented R&D projects within the EUREKA, Eurostars and AAL programs.

Initiative at a glance

Switzerland and Sweden face common challenges in our high-tech industries. Both countries need to be constantly innovative and improve their production systems to maintain a solid domestic industrial base. Being two of the world leaders in innovation, Switzerland and Sweden form natural partners in tackling these tasks.

SWII is an industrial R&D partnering program with the objective to increase market oriented high-technology R&D projects between Switzerland and Sweden.

SWII gathers the most technology intensive MNEs, SMEs and academia two to three times a year and issues bilateral calls for R&D project proposals within Eureka & Eurostars.

Results with SWII since 2013 are: 47 R&D consortia & projects to a value of 69 million Euros. Altogether, projects include 160 Swiss and Swedish project partners, there among 74 SME companies.

The initiative is a result of the good bilateral relations between Swiss and Swedish research organizations and academia, companies and innovation agencies. It is also a direct spin off to the four Research and Technology Workshops conducted in 2009 and 2010 arranged by Business Sweden and SAAB in co-operation with Swiss partners.

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