Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of criminal justice and public safety services and operations

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NIJ encourages the creation, use, and evaluation of Ultra-High-Speed software applications capable of improving criminal justice and public safety efficiency and/or effectiveness. This two-phase Challenge seeks relevant, functional UHS software applications. Submissions must also include effective models for measuring and quantifying the specific impact of the software applications. A total of $150,000 in prizes is available.

NIJ Ultra High-Speed Networks App Contest Submission

The expansion of UHS networks offers increased opportunity for the development of “disruptive” criminal justice apps – apps that actually change the way services and information are delivered to criminal justice and other public safety practitioners. New UHS apps now have the potential to provide ubiquitous, real-time, individually tailored information and decision-support for criminal justice and public safety practitioners in rapidly evolving emergency situations, and the increased capacity of UHS systems now makes it possible to merge and manipulate data allowing for the development and use of powerful analytical and management tools. Contestants therefore should think broadly and creatively in designing UHS apps that may be used to improve effectiveness and/or efficiency in a variety of criminal justice and public safety contexts.

Using data already in the public domain, and aided by newly emerging UHS bandwidth systems, software developers are now able to develop apps that will significantly improve criminal justice and public safety operations in numerous ways, including:

  • Alerting the criminal justice and public safety communities to predictable threats and disasters.
  • Providing timely information necessary to mitigate the impact of unpreventable disasters and avoid preventable disasters.
  • Enhancing modeling and simulation capabilities for law enforcement and first-responders.
  • Enhancing resource management and analytical tools.
  • Improving training experiences and opportunities for first-responders law enforcement officers, and others who provide public safety services.
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