VTT LaunchPad

deep-tech incubator combining research, technology, mentors and investors

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    Companies, research institutes, universities, technology policy makers and research funders.

VTT is a powerhouse of technology development and scientific research.

What is VTT Launchpad?

The deep tech incubator VTT LaunchPad delivers VTT’s strategy to renew industries and society by building spin-off companies from VTT’s science and technologies. In the incubator, we bring VTT researchers and IPR together with the best business minds and investors out there. VTT LaunchPad is committed to develop fundable spin-off ventures with great impact.

VTT LaunchPad is committed to develop fundable spin-off companies with great impact

VTT is a powerhouse of technology development and scientific research. Many of the most significant Finnish technology start-ups were brought to life VTT. VTT LaunchPad supports venture teams to develop VTT owned IPR into fundable startups geared for an international growth path.

VTT LaunchPad's Ventures

    VTT LaunchPad is a deep-tech incubator combining research, technology, mentors and investors.
  • Carbonaide - Carbonaide’s proprietary technology enables manufacturing of novel CO2 neutral (or even CO2 negative) and highly sustainable concrete, thus helping to harness and immensely lower the global CO2 footprint & balance.

  • EggPlant - Rethinking the food system - Creating egg white without chickens

  • Granarium Technologies - Granarium will transform the way electricity is stored. We use nanocellulose to build 100% renewable electricity storage everywhere.

  • HealthClean - We bring affordable hydrogen peroxide vapor disinfection everywhere. Our patented vapor generators can combat spreading diseases and save time, money, and lives.

  • HTM Solutions - HTM Solutions enables improving well-being, safety, and security of people with a scalable Human Thermal Model (HTM) software technology – whenever thermal satisfaction is an issue.

  • HyperMine - Active hyperspectral technology enables early phase ore mapping in underground and surface mines. It helps to get more natural resources for sustainable development with less effort and environmental effects.

  • Obview - We protect your privacy. Whether it’s screens of your electronic devices or windows of your apartment, our on-demand activated privacy filters protects your privacy from unwanted views and visual hacking.

  • REPLICA Multiprocessor - Revolutionary multiprocessor framework for efficient parallel computing. With respect to current CPUs, provides processors with radically higher performance and better productivity in SW engineering. REPLICA uses parallelism as a resource for better performance, not a productivity bog.

  • The Warming Surfaces Company - Our heat-on-demand solutions improve energy efficiency and increase living comfort. Electrical heating elements in surface materials allow to control the temperature whenever and wherever needed.
  • The incubation program offers

  • Up to a year of pre-seed funding for the teams, guided by the Lean Startup principles
  • IPR support and development
  • Active team development
  • Entrepreneurial training and courses
  • Mentoring, contacts to investors and other partners
  • To enter to the VTT LaunchPad, the business idea must

  • Be built on VTT IPR that can be spun off.
  • Show market potential and be scalable.
  • Have a positive impact and benefit for society and the customer.
  • Be built on demonstrated technology.
  • Be run by a team that can develop to a fundable team.
  • VTT LaunchPad benefits

      For an investor:
  • Early opportunities for interaction and investment.
  • Early visibility into venture teams and tech trends.
  • Science & research based new ventures with solid IPR.
  • Exceptionally customer centric teams, proven customer need, problem-solution fit and customer commitment.

    • As a corporate partner:
  • You may be able to help with the productization
  • Be the early stage customer
  • Take part as an advisor of a Research to Business -project.
  • Future Phases

    Check out an overview of each competition phase below - complete rules for each phase will be released as the competition progresses.


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