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Animal Hoarding affects every city in America.  Rescue Hoarders can be especially challenging for jurisdictions to address. The community often formulates an opinion about these “Rescuers” before response agencies are even allowed to assess the situation. How often have you heard that,”Their heart is too big, or they’re doing the best they can, or the animals are loved what more can  you want?”  This session will explore some tactics agencies charged with addressing rescue hoarders can employ in their community.  Whether you choose to address the issue now or not, the problem does not go away.  In fact, allowing rescue hoarders to operate without checks and balances only compounds an already complex problem.  If you’ve ever struggled to deal with a rescue hoarder in your community, you won’t want to miss this session!


The live webinar event is free to attend.

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Anyone with the roles and responsibilities of Fire Inspector I—particularly those planning to take the CFI-I certification examination, as well as fire service professionals, code officials, AHJs, insurance professionals, and others expected to maintain this certification as part of their employment requirements.

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