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As video and imagery become more pervasive and abundant in data analysis, they also become increasingly critical in accomplishing mission objectives for a variety of use cases, from geo-intelligence and surveillance, to planning and operations. With this vast new quantity of visual data, mission owners are left with the challenges of finding the data they need quickly and the ability to share and collaborate on that data, in order to make better decisions faster. Bluescape and Amazon Web Services (AWS) solve these challenges by providing robust AI capabilities along with a secure visual collaboration platform that allows users to accelerate visual intelligence.


Bluescape and AWS capabilities together support use cases for situational awareness, operational planning, intelligence analysis, as well as cyber operations and planning. We will address the challenge of bringing people, data, and tools of choice (to include AI/ML) into a secure workspace that will cut costs and time required, as well as increasing the speed and efficacy of operations oversight, planning, and analysis.


This webinar is targeted towards those who support operational leaders and planners, intelligence analysts, and cyber experts, from the DOD, intelligence community, homeland security, and federal law enforcement.

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