Esper: An end to end policymaking platform

Proactively plan and manage your policymaking process


The Esper suite of modern workflow and policy management tools are purpose built for government agencies across the United States. Our cloud based, SaaS platform allows for data driven research, collaborative policymaking and public facing engagement on the policies that impact citizens and employees.

Our platform allows policymakers to:

Streamline internal workflows on policy
Repeal, update and draft all forms of policy
Track progress on policies with real time reports
Analyze data to help assess the policy landscape
Collect feedback and data from impacted stakeholders


  • Configurable workflows to digitize all forms of policymaking (regulatory, policy procedures, memos, executive orders, etc.)
  • Searchable database of all state and federal regulations to make informed decisions on policies
  • Collaborative policymaking and publishing tools to update, repeal or create policies


Quickly find and save policies of interest

  • Custom quantitative and qualitative metrics evaluate your policies
  • Research policies in other jurisdictions
  • Identify similar policies in governments


Organize institutional knowledge

  • Record public feedback
  • Conduct cost-benefit analysis
  • Assess policy impact


Meaningfully engage stakeholders on policies

  • Collect public comments on proposed policies
  • Review and manage incoming feedback
  • Collaboratively draft responses


Never lose sight of your policy goals

  • Visualize your organization’s process in real-time
  • Drill into individual team and policy progress
  • Identify blockers


Proactively analyze legislation

  • Real-time legislative updates
  • Collaboratively analyze bills
  • Identify existing policies impacted by legislation



Assign policymaking tasks to colleagues


Set key milestones and deliverables


Track progress on tasks


Prioritize work and upcoming deadlines


Submit work for review


Evaluate policymaking lifecycle



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Esper: An end to end policymaking platform
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Esper: An end to end policymaking platform
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Expert Analysis

NYPD’s partnership with Esper allows us to build and maintain modern, transparent and equitable policies for our more than 50,000 employees to better serve the great people of New York City. These types of strategic partnerships set us up not only for success today, but for the future.

- Danielle Pemberton , Deputy Commissioner of Strategic Initiatives

New York City Police Department (NYPD)

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